stomach hair on his cheek

This week I visited the National Cancer Institute here–the best oncology hospital in the country, to shadow in the dental and oral surgery service. I walked into the maxillofacial prosthetics operatory and the first thing I saw was a patient with a strangely hairy cheek.


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I Forgot I’m in Mexico, Again


(corollary: a decidedly nonpatriotic lament vs. making the world in the image of America) (more…)

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Ex-Worst Marcher on Walking in Step with the Spirit

I was never one of those Asians with the bursting trophy cases. And I’m pretty sure any awards I did get were tossed in my mom’s move to Atlanta. But one award I’ll always remember getting was in the middle of freshman year at the end of our marching band season– “Most Improved Marcher.”


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